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(unlike ordering units from the US you get the price in Canadian Dollars, no brokerage fees, credit card excessive exchange rates, problems with wrong cell bands, duty and additional sales taxes charged on delivery

First, use this link to find your local Canadian cell tower for all kits:

Note: Across Canada, Bell, Telus and some Regional carriers, share towers in some rural areas.  If you only see one of these towers in your area, their signals are both from the same tower.

Cottage Value Kits with only the most powerful high-output repeaters for very weak cell signal rural areas.

Our most Powerful Professional Grade Value Kits.

Total power outputs from these whole complete systems are either approx. 7 Watts (55dB Kit), or 15 Watts (80dB Kit). (Your cell phone is approx. 0.5 Watts and the old bag phones from the 1990ís that never dropped calls were approx. 3 Watts)

Designed for very weak cell phone signal areas, these kits with powerful repeaters kits were designed with Professional Grade quality for a combination of high output power and value priced that is affordable to the average person but equal to a system that could cost thousands of dollars. They have been used by our customers in many instances in rural areas where there is one or no bars outside. (There still has to be faint signals to work-You canít boost what does not exist-We can assess your situation for you if you phone or e-mail us). We have seen and installed many of these systems where there are no signal-bars even standing on the roof and inside we have received 5 bars in the room where the indoor antenna is in. As well as having a powerful bi-directional  repeater, the big advantage is you are using a directional antenna to point the uplink and collect the downlink signals right to and from your cell carrierís local tower as well as using the best shielded ultra low loss cables to prevent loss in the cable transfer for the best possible signals. Works great for any building.

If you are in a high cell phone signal area you will even get more coverage inside. Point the indoor antenna in the direction you want the signals most and you will get great signals in that long area of the band travel from the antenna. In some cases customers have even told me it made it through the whole cottage and on to the outside deck if that is in the same direction. You wonít find the same complete kits anywhere else as we have designed them ourselves using the best quality cables, connectors, and maximum gain antennas in a complete kit with the goal to obtain maximum cell phone signal (and data transfer) and for you to install easily, with little effort and at value prices that the average person or small business can afford. We also made sure the outdoor and indoor antennas were visually appealing and presentable in their looks. The repeaters are plug and play, once set up, the internal computer chip adjusts to the cell phone signal level and local tower signal levels for maximum gain for your signals.

The kits includes powerful high output repeaters, AC power supply, a directional dual band yagi outdoor antenna with an additional 10 dB gain just from the antenna, (used to point at the local cell tower to aim the uplink right at the tower and collect the downlink signals from the tower for maximum signal gain-mount on TV mast if you have one (comes with clamps), use your own mount pole or buy our optional yagi mount pole ), indoor panal antenna to distribute and collect indoor signals with additional 7 dB gain, and the best shielded ultra low loss cable to minimize loss from the cables. These kits use 2 directional antennas which should be pointed in opposite directions to prevent feedback which will cause the repeater to turn the gain down. The cables for these kits are shorter than the professional grade commercial kits to keep the costs lower and because the longer cables are generally not needed for cottages.

The 55dB and 80dB dual band kits comes with 50 feet of cable to get from the repeater to the outside antenna. The inside run only has 10 feet of cable for both kits to get from the repeater to the indoor directional panel antenna to distribute signals. The idea is to hide the repeater behind a TV, couch, etc. at the cottage, place the panel antenna up on the wall above the item hiding it aiming through the cottage, and run the other cable going to the exterior through the wall or ceiling and go as high as possible to the outdoor directional antenna which would be mounted on either the side of the cottage (use your own pipe mount from Home Depot, Rona, etc, or our optional outdoor yagi mount antenna) or the best option, an existing TV antenna for better height. With these powerful repeaters 2 things are very important to get the systems working to the maximum gain.

Vertical Separation: There should be some altitude between the indoor and the outdoor directional antennas to prevent feedback. If you canít get much altitude in your installation between antennas, then please run the cables to maximum distance apart.

Horizontal Separation: There should be as much distance as physically possible between the indoor and the outdoor antenna. The most important point is that the 2 antennas should always be pointed as much as possible in opposite directions. For example if the carrierís cell tower is north of you, mount the outdoor directional antenna on the north side of the cottage as high as possible and point the indoor panel antenna south. Best Situation: If you can connect the outdoor antenna up a existing TV tower, go as high as possible with the cable on the north side of the cottage and then you can mount the indoor panel antenna right on the north cottage wall and aim the indoor signals south through the cottage because you have the separation. If you donít have the height available, use horizontal separation.

There are lights on the repeater units that will tell you if something is wrong. We are also here to provide free telephone and e-mail support if you need it as we aim to get you a solution to your problem. Also please feel to ask us any questions. We have a lot of experience dealing with all the carriers in Canada and some in the US and we can help you with your situation. If you e-mail please describe your situation, give us your cross street location where the cell signal booster kit will be used so we can check the frequencies and local terrain, your cell carrier, how many bars you have outside, how much area you want to cover, how open the inside area is or with walls, if you have an external pole mount already and any other factors like if you have a metal roof.

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