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Acclaim Hotel Calgary Airport
Aga Khan Museum and Cultural Centre, Toronto

Brampton Civic Hospital                                           
Canadian Pacific Rail                                                
Chateau Nova Hotel-  Fort McMurray, AB                 
CN Rail                                                   
Fort McMurray Airport Authority - Fort McMurray, AB (Pro-Grade#50-1)
Four Seasons Head Office - Toronto, Ontario (Pro-Grade#75-14  with 5 Indoor Antennas)
Fredericton Exhibition  Capital Exhibition Centre Fredericton, NB
Government of Canada  Public Safety Ottawa , ON (Pro Grade #68-12 system)
Great Gulf Condominium Tower,  Toronto, ON (Multiple DAS Systems for underground garage and tower coverage)
Greenfield Ethanol, ON
Health Canada Ottawa, ON
Health Canada Radiation Protection Department  Ottawa, ON  (Cottage Kit # 70-1 system)
Health Canada Winnipeg-Center for Disease Control (Large Pro-Grade#68-12 system with multiple indoorantennas)
Hematite Manufacturing-Guelph, ON (Pro-Grade#68-12 with 2 indoor antennas)
Hockey In Canada- CBC Building  Toronto ON (low cost dual band)
Holiday Inn, Polo Park  Winnipeg ,MB (Pro grade #50-1 system)
HOME DEPOT CANADA Boisbriand QC, Montreal QC, St. Jerome QC, Surrey BC
(Industrial Grade systems)

HOME DEPOT CANADA St. Bruno, Qc (Pro grade #75-14 system with 5 indoor antennas)
HOME DEPOT Chilliwack, BC (Pro-Grade#68-12 )
HOME DEPOT Fredericton, NB (Pro-Grade#68-12)

Hydro One Corporation - Winchester, Lion's Head ON
Hydro One Forestry, BC
Hydro One Forestry - Stittsville, ON (Pro-Grade#50-1)
Hydro One-Lake Simcoe Regional Airport Hanger (Pro-Grade#50-1)
Hydro One  Owen Sound, ON (multiple mobile cell signal booster systems for trucks)
IDA Pharmacy-The Credit Woodlands, Mississauga, ON
Jaffari Community Centre, Thornhill, ON (Pro Grade #75-14 with 3 indoor antennas in basement)
JJ Mackay Canada Meters Ltd.  New Glasgow, NS (Pro-Grade#68-12 with 2 antennas)
Johnson Controls  Tillsonburg, ON  (Pro Grade #50-1 system )
Keg Mansion Toronto, ON (Pro-Grade#68-12 large system with 7 indoor antennas)
Kincardin Fire Station Kin (Pro Grade #68-12 system with 2 indoor antennas)
King of Floors Surrey BC (Pro Grade #50-1 system)
L'Île-Bizard Minor Hockey Association, L'Île-Bizard, Quebec (Pro-grade 50-1 system)
Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.  Bradford, ON (Pro-Grade 50-1 system)
Longo`s Maple Leaf Square  Toronto, Ontario (Pro-Grade 75-14  systems with multiple indoor antennas)
Longo`s main warehouse  Vaughn, Ontario (Pro-Grade 75-14)
Longo`s Stores and Head Office in Toronto area, Ontario
(Pro-Grade 80-15  systems with multiple indoor antennas)
Longo`s Store   Oakville Ontario (Pro grade 75-14  systems with multiple indoor antennas)
Magna International  Milton, Ontario (5 of Pro-Grade#50-1 dual band systems)
Main Street Group Inc., Woodstock, ON (Pro-Grade#50-1)

Manitoba Hydro (Pro-Grade#50-1)
Manulife Real Estate Bloor Street, Toronto, ON (Pro-Grade#68-12 HO system)
Mattamy Homes Head Office Oakville, ON (Pro grade #68-12 system with 4 indoor antenna branches)
McDonald’s Piper Foods,  Oakville,  ON  (Pro Grade # 50-1 system)
McGill University  Montreal (HO Pro-Grade#50-1)
MDA & Associates Corporation  St-Anne-De-Bellevue, QB (Pro Grade #68-12 system with 3 indoor antenna branches)
Medical Professional Group  Sioux Lookout , ON
Mercedes-Benz  Thornhill ON (Industrial Grade system with multiple indoor antenas)
Midland Instruments Perkinsfield, ON
Mikisewcree First Nation  Fort Chipewyan,  AB (Pro-Grade 80-15  &  HO Pro grade 50-1)
Ministry of Environment. Toronto, ON (Pro-Grade 75-14 system )
Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Management Centre  Dryden, ON (HO Pro Grade #  80-15 system with 2 branches)
Ministry of Transportation.  Thorold, ON (Multiple Pro-Grade #  80-20 system for Thorold Tunnel)
Moore Packaging, ON
Mount Currie Band  BC (Pro-Grade#50-1)

Mortenson Wind Farm Projects, BC
MTS Manitoba (low noise special repeaters-PG Electronics Division)
Municipality of Central Elgin Ontario (Pro Dual Kit#68-12)
NANAKSAR Sikh Temple, Brampton, ON (Pro Grade 68-12 system)
New Age Security Systems, Toronto, ON (HO Pro-Grade#80-15 systems for Toronto Transit Commission Underground area)
Newmarket Public Library,  Newmarket, ON (Pro Grade 80-20  with 10 Indoor Antennas)
North American Tillage Tools Hamilton, ON (Pro grade #80-15 system)
North Perth Fire Department (Pro-Grade#50-1)
North Star Resorts  Winnipeg, MB (Pro Grade # 68-12 system)
Novelis Innovation Kingston, ON (Pro Grade #68-12 System with multiple branches)
Oil Field Outfitters Red Deer, AB (Cottage Kit #50-3 system)
Oilfields Regional Arena, Black Diamond, AB (Pro-Grade#50-1 Cell Amp System)
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture-Food Inspection Branch, ON (various locations)
Ontario Power Generation (various locations and PG Electronics equipment)
Ontario Provincial Police Ingersoll, ON (Pro Grade #50-1 system)
Ontario Provincial Police  Mount Forest, ON (Pro Grade 50-1 system)
Ontario Southland Railway St Thomas, ON
Ontario Trucking Association  Toronto, Ontario (Pro-Grade#50-1)
OPP Tillsonburg Forensic Lab (Pro-Grade#50-1)  
Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital Orillia, ON (Pro Grade 68-12 system with 4 indoor antenna branches with 8 indoor antennas for 2 whole systems)
Ottawa Computer Services  Orleans, ON  (Pro Grade #68-12 system with multiple indoor antennas)
Ottawa Police Service Ottawa, ON  (Pro Grade #50-1)
Oxford Ontario Provincial Police-Ingersoll Ontario Station (Pro-Grade#50-1)

Pacific Home Warranty Insurance Surrey, BC (Pro Grade  # 68-12 system with 4 indoor antenna branches )
Parkdale Recreation Centre Toronto, ON (2  Pro Grade  #75-14 systems with multiple antennas)
Pearson Canada (Pro-Grade#50-1)
Peel Regional Police, Brampton ON  (multiple systems)
Perry Mechanicals Inc.  Oshawa, ON (Pro Grade #50-1 system)
Pleasant Manor Retirement Village  Virgil, ON (Pro Grade  # 50-1;  2 systems)
Plexxius  Software  Vaughan, ON (HO Pro Grade #68-12 system)
Power TEL Utilities  Whitefish ON (HO Cottage kit #70-1 system)
Powertel Utilities  Cochrane,ON (Pro-Grade#60-3)
Pritchard Industrial Winnipeg,  MB  (Cottage Kit #50-3)
Pro Con Mining  Saskatoon, ON (Pro Grade #50-1 system)
Prysmian Power Cables and Systems Canada-Prescott,ON (Pro-Grade#50-1)
Pure Pages-Multiple Toronto Locations, ON -(Pro-Grade#68-12 large systems)
Purolator (various locations)
Quebecor-Islington Printing Toronto, Ontario (2 systems-1 large Pro-Grade#68-12)

Queen of Apostles Mississauga, ON (Pro Grade #50-1 system)
RBC Eastern Canada Call Center  Moncton, NB (Industrial Grade 80-15 large system with multiple antena)
RCMP Ottawa, ON (Multiple Mobile Systems)
RCMP Technical Operations  Ottawa, ON (Pro Grade  #50-1 system) (multiple systems)
Regional 1 Airlines Hanger  Calgary, AB (Pro-Grade#60-1)
RFE Alarms  Indermere,  B.C. (Pro Grade 80-15 & Pro grade #50-1 system)
Rideau Hall Ottawa-Governor General Residence (Large Pro-Grade#68-12 system with multiple indoor distribution antennas in basement)
Ridley Main Coal Terminal  Prince Rupert, BC (Pro-Grade#68-12 system-2 indoor antennas)
Robertson Bright Incorporated,  Kitchener, ON (Pro Grade #50-1 system)
Rogers Wireless,  Concord, ON (Bi-Directional Amplifier Systems)
Rogers Wireless Stores (Bowmanville, Vancouver, Cambridge, Barrie, Midland, Mississauga, Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Brampton, Kichener, Waterloo,
Edmonton, Calgary,  St. John's, etc. and ongoing-High Quality Low Noise Pro-Grade#68-12 systems)
Rogers Wireless Corporate (Distribution high grade low noise bi-directional amplifiers for malls, etc.-PG Electronics Division)

Rolls Royce Civil Nuclear Canada  Peterborough, ON (Pro-Grade#50-1)
Royal Alexandra Hospital Edmonton (Pro-Grade#68-12 system-2 indoor antennas)
Royal Bank of Canada (various locations)
Royal Le Page Performance Realty,  Ottawa , ON  (Pro Grade #68-12 system)
Royal Le Page RCR Realty, Wiarton, ON (Pro Grade  #50-1 system)
Saskatoon Funeral Home, Saskatoon, SK (Pro Grade  #50-1 system)
Schuit Homes Inc.  Dundas, ON (HO Pro-Grade #50-1 system)
SCI Logistics. Mississauga, ON (Pro-Grade #  80-20 systems with Multiple Indoor Antennas for warehouses)
Shangri Hotel Toronto, ON (underground parking) (Pro-Grade#50-1)
Silgan Plastics Montreal, QC (2 large buildings-2 HO Pro-Grade#68-12 systems)
Sioux Lookout Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre  Sioux Lookout, ON (HO Pro Grade #68-12 system with 6 indoor antennas)
Skypower Solar Systems   Toronto, Ontario (HO Industrial Grade Systems with multiple indoor antennas)
Sleeman's Brewery Okanogawan, BC

Smart Centers, Toronto, ON (Pro-Grade#50-1)
Smiths Detection Mississauga, ON (HO  Pro-Grade #80-15 with2 indoor antenna branches)
SNC Lavalin
Sommerset  Properties  Calgary,  AB (HO Pro-Grade #68-12  system)
Sony Centre  (formerly Hummingbird Centre) Toronto,  ON (HO Pro-Grade #80-20 5band system with 8 indoor antennas)
South Beach Casino and Resort,  Scanterbury,  MB (HO Pro Grade  # 68-12 system with 3 indoor antenna branches)
St. Francis Memorial Hospital,  Barry`s Bay, ON (HO Cottage Kit #50-3 system)
Stackpole  International,   Stratford, ON (HO Pro Grade #80-15 system  - x2 systems)
Stratford General Hospital-2 main buildings (Pro-Grade#68-12 HO large system-7 indoor antennas)
Stride Right Collective Brands  Mississauga, ON (Pro Grade 50-1 x 2 systems)
Sutton Group Realty –Mississauga ON
Telus Mobility (Distribution high quality low noise bi-directional amplifiers for malls, etc.-PG Electronics Division )
Telus Mobility Corporate Account Division (for multiple customers in Ontario, BC and Alberta)
Telus Retail Stores - Tom Harris (for multiple system installations in Vancouver, BC)
Terracom Systems Ltd , West Kelowna, B.C.  (HO Pro Grade  #80-15 system with 6 indoor antennas  in office building with 3 floors)
The Herjavec Group  Toronto, ON (HO Pro Grade #68-12 system )

The Wireless Age (Sasktel) Regina (High Grade Special Low Noise 65dB repeaters)
Toronto Metropolitan Police (Pro-Grade#50-1)
Trans-Quebec Telecom,  Blaineville, Quebec (Pro-Grade#80-15)
TransCanada Pipeline Martintown, ON
TransCanada Pipeline Stations (Iroquois, ON many various locations) (HO Cottage Kit#50-3)
Tsunami Technology Mississauga, ON  
University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC (Multiple Industrial Grade systems for student parking garages)
University of Windsor (Pro-Grade#50-1)
Victorian Epicure Inc.   North Saanich,BC (HO Pro Grade #68-12 system with 2 indoor antennas)
Viking Auction Market Ltd    Viking, AB (HO Cottage Kit#50-3 System)
Visior-QC (HO Pro-Grade#50-1)
Walden Generating Station Control Room, Lillooet BC (HO Cottage Kit#60-3)
WatchTower  Georgetown, ON  (HO Pro Grade  # 68-12 system)
West Edmonton Mall Administration Office, Edmonton, AB  (HO Pro Grade  # 68-12 system)
West Edmonton Mall Old Whisky Jack Bar, Edmonton, AB  (HO Pro Grade  # 68-12 system)
Wheels Group  Mississauga, ON  (HO Pro Grade  # 68-12 system, with 3 indoor antenna branches)
WIKA Instruments   Edmonton, AB (HO Pro Grade  #50-1 system)
Wolverine Hydro Kapuskasing , ON  (HO Cottage Kit#60-3 System)
Wolverine World Wide   Mississauga, ON  (Multiple Industrial Grace systems for warehouse and office coverage)
YMCA of Niagara  Grimsby,  ON (HO Pro Grade  # 68-12 system with 3 indoor branches)
York Condominium Corporation,  Richmond Hill, ON (HO Commercial Grade Systems #80-15) for 2 level underground parking
Zender Ford Car Dealership,  Spruce Grove, Alberta (HO Commercial Grade Systems #50-1)

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