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Commercial Grade High Output Cell Signal Amplifier Systems.

Professional grade top of the line powerful high output (dBm), high gain (dB) building repeater systems, but priced for do-it-yourself installs in homes or businesses with all materials included and our professional support planning for your building. Phone support to calibrate these high powered systems to the local carrier’s cell towers is included with our system price (these systems can cause noise attacks on the carrier’s cell towers if not adjusted to the tower correctly-we make sure this does not happen!) Installation and cabling services also available around all major cities in Canada and in some rural areas. These systems would cost approx. $18,000.00 + to be installed by Rogers, Bell, Telus, Sasktel or MTS and you can do it yourself with our support for a fraction of the cost, or we can arrange the complete installation and calibration of the high output repeaters to the local cell towers. These repeater kits will cover either one floor or your entire house depending on your outside cell signals and the power of the repeater system used in a residential setting (Pro-Grade#50-1). The powerful high grade linear repeater systems such as the Pro-Grade#68-12, the Pro-Grade#75-14, the Pro-Grade#80-15 and the Pro-Grade#80-20 for large area commercial use, will cover an entire office area with many cell phone users, underground parking areas (such as many condominium parking areas for resident safety and City of Toronto parking lots for Car2Go vehicle communication), large warehouse areas, multiple floor office buildings, large indoor area metal and concrete buildings, etc. and you can split the repeater systems on the indoor side into multiple indoor ceiling mount dome antennas if you would like to to cover different inside areas (divided by concrete or metal walls) or one very large indoor area (such as some Home Depot Stores across Canada). Everything you need is in the system kits to install these systems yourself (with our planning support and calibration) that would cost thousands of dollars to be installed by the carriers, or our professional installers will handle the whole installation and calibration to the cell towers to ensure no noise attacks occur on the carrier’s towers (as per Industry Canada regulations).

We will instruct you where to mount and aim the external directional antenna at roof level to best communicate the uplink/downlink with the carrier’s cell site to get the maximum benefit from the system. We will also ensure with our planning, that no feedback occurs between the different parts of the high output repeater system (the MOST important aspect of setting up a high output repeater system!) We will also instruct you which is the best cell carrier’s cell tower to communicate with, and what NOT to do when aiming past other carrier’s cell towers as to NOT violate Industry Canada rules and regulations and cause problems. Indoor ceiling mount antennas will be mounted in your indoor ceilings or you can use indoor directional antenna to spread the downlink signal and gather the uplink signal. Two ultra-low loss shielded cables (only 3dB loss per 50 feet) are provided to connect the outdoor antenna to the main repeater, and the main repeater to indoor antenna. These commercial high output repeater systems either come with 100ft of shielded cable or 150ft (depending on the system) and more is available at an extra cost for whatever your system design requires. An A/C power supply is included with each high output repeater as well as specific installation instructions and all parts needed for your install. These repeaters are ALL approved by Industry Canada for use in Canada. We provide telephone support to assist during the set up and calibration of these systems at no extra cost. We have many years’ experience (since 2008) in assessing the various cell tower and building locations over the phone (and on site depending on your building location) and also a long list of many satisfied customers if you need references. Please call us or e-mail for a complete assessment of your set building up, outside signals in your area, carrier, building material, etc. These are not the typical cheap and low powered systems (that have barely any output power and hardly do anything) found on the internet with no support from electronic distributors and stores that do not know anything about cell amplifier systems and their set up. These are HIGH POWERED systems designed to give you a solution to your indoor cell signal problems and our assessment is part the process! There is no cell amplifier system that is a one size fits all for any location or is a plug and play. There NEEDS to be an assessment done on the location for a proper solution!

A High Output Repeater System greatly improves signal strength inside a building when using your cell phone for voice or data communication. It does this without any physical connection to your phone allowing you to walk around freely during a call. It even allows multiple phones to be used simultaneously for voice or data. A high output repeater system allows you to jump the concrete or steel building materials with the cell phone’s weak uplink (only 0.5 Watts, and this is generally what causes dropped calls-it’s not you losing the cell tower contrary to popular thought, it’s the cell tower losing YOUR WEAK OUTPUT CELL PHONE!!) and increases it to 8-15 Watts before throwing the uplink at the local cell tower (in a condensed cone). It also brings the tower’s downlink signals past the building materials and amplifies it to a high 8-15 Watts level (which gives you the 5 bars on the cell phone) so the cell phone will have a high level of downlink signal to work with when it communicates with the cell tower. The cell phone does not know the repeater is operating, it simply thinks it is close to and more exposed to the cell tower.  Cell phones (voice or data) and cellular data cards in that indoor area, will then communicate with the improved signal. When a cell phone or cellular device transmits, the signal is received by the inside antenna, boosted to a high level by the amplifier, and then broadcast back to the cell tower to stop the dropped calls or no indoor cell coverage.

These high output repeaters are set for the uplink and downlink frequencies for ALL the major Canadian cell carriers (Rogers, Bell, Telus, Sasktel and MTS) and most regional carriers. For the discount carriers, please ask us first.
The 75dB Pro-Grade#75-14 repeater system has approx. 30 times the power of the cell phone itself, The 75dB HO system will cover an approx. 30,000 square foot open warehouse in a good outside signal area. If you split the indoor signal into 2 indoor antennas which can be easily done with this very powerful repeater, you could cover a warehouse of approx. 50,000 square feet. For an on the phone assessment of your building, location and closest cell tower please contact us.

The high output linear systems (68dB, 75dB, and 80dB Linear Repeaters) have adjustable attenuators for commercial buildings in urban areas to calibrate them to the local cell towers to prevent noise attacks on the cell towers, maximize indoor coverage areas in buildings and make them adjustable for system expansion at a later date. They also have software that will automatically shut them down if the user does not set them up properly. This is to protect these powerful repeaters from amp block damage due to the user not knowing how to set them up properly. We need to do a power up calibration on the phone with you for these repeaters and this is included with the cost of the systems.

These repeaters are recommended for systems with long indoor shielded cable runs, very large indoor areas, and multiple indoor antenna set ups. We specialize in high output building systems in urban areas with multiple indoor antennas and our set up of the systems to work correctly with the carrier’s cell towers. We have also done many small scale systems for Telus customers and many Rogers Wireless and Fido stores that have indoor cell and data signal problems due to the metal and concrete buildings they are located in. Underground parking garages are another common use for our high output systems, as well as MANY modern typical commercial buildings that block ALL cell signals due to metal and concrete building materials that cell signals cannot penetrate.


bullet ONLY HIGH OUTPUT SYSTEMS-Not your typical weak cell booster system with no output power
bullet For 800 MHz, 850 MHz, 1900 MHz  and 2100 MHzBands (700 MHz also available..
bullet Works on all generations for voice and data.
bullet Warning LED lights to prevent oscillation  
bullet Very powerful high output repeaters only
bullet Automatic shutdown if improperly set up
bullet Very high output power-best cost quote for what you need  
bullet Repeater system for your specific application quoted     
bullet AC power supply included        
bullet FCC and IC type approved     

bullet Designed specifically for office and home environments, commercial, high rise buildings, and warehouses
bullet Greatly reduces disconnects and drop outs
bullet Significantly improves voice and data signal quality
bullet Has up to 100 times more power than your cell phone or laptop data card (depending on which repeater system you have)
bullet Significantly improves voice and data signal quality
bullet Improves data communication rates for 3G-4G technologies
bullet Receives and transmits with high power for your uplink/downlink
bullet Allows multiple cell phones and cellular data cards to be used at the same time (up to 50+ cell phones for some customers)



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