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PRO-Dual-Kit # 50-1

55dB gain (on both bands) High Output Dual Band Booster Kit for all Rogers cell signals, all Bell cell Signals, all regular Telus cell signals, all MTS cell signals, all Sasktel cell signals, all Aliant cell signals and all rural Canadian regional carrier's cell signals. 

7 Watt Total Output System
(Not for Telus Mike Band or Wind Mobile phones)

Ideal high output system to cover one floor of your house, basement, barn, workshop, warehouse or commercial building. Exact coverage depends on signal outside, but if there is adequate signal to use your cell phone outside, then you will have a lot of coverage inside your building. Can be split for one (1) extra indoor antenna if you wish to. We will explain exactly how to set this system up for your building.

Included in our complete installation kit for do-it-yourself installs with a high gain 55dB gain PCS and Cell band booster for all Canadian carriers.

Designed to cover the major carrier band in Canada.  BUT NOT the band used by Telus Mike Phones or the Wind Mobile carrier.  

  • Power Supply included (120V)

  • 1-50ft length LMR-400 ultra low loss cable for repeater to outdoor antenna run

  • 1-50ft length LMR-400 ultra low loss cable for repeater to indoor antenna run

(Also can be substituted: 75/30 split, 100/10 split for shielded cables for your install)

• Dual Band Outdoor directional antenna  (antenna mount and clamps for pole)
• Dual Band Indoor Ceiling Mount Antenna
• Set up instructions

Our phone assessment regarding your location, type of building and local cell phone tower is strongly recommended for the design of your system. This is included with system purchase and for all our customers.




PRO-Grade-Kit # 50-2 High Output 5 Band Cell Amplifier System with LTE capacity for coverage of one indoor building area

For ALL Canadian Cell Carrier’s voice, 2G data, 3G data, and new 4G LTE frequencies!

For commercial or residential systems with 8 Watts total output power for your uplink and downlink, for one open indoor area coverage (for multiple large indoor areas, use the Industrial Grade Systems below)

It has 65dB gain on the 700Mhz 4G LTE A + B frequencies, 85
0Mhz, 1900Mhz and 2100Mhz 4G LTE  frequencies, and will provide 8 Watts output of coverage for ALL the Canadian Cell Carriers voice and 4G LTE data including, Rogers, Bell, Telus, ALL the discount carriers (Solo, Kudoo, Virgin, Fido, etc.), ALL Wind Mobile voice and 4G LTE data, as well as all voice, 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE capacity for all the regional carriers such as Sasktel, MTS, Aliant, TBay Tel, Videotron, etc.

The whole system is ready to be set up with pre-terminated connectors, so it just needs to be hooked together for easy installation. (Please allow us to assess your installation on the phone when you call).
For outdoor antenna aiming at the cell tower and main repeater calibration to the local cell towers, please call us for our phone support.

This system includes:

  • An outdoor yagi directional triple band antenna
  • Outdoor wall or roof mount for outdoor antenna
  • Sealing tape for cable connections
  • Mount screws and plugs for outdoor mounting
  • 75ft of shielded cable from the main repeater to outdoor antenna
  • 30ft of shielded cable from the main repeater to the indoor antenna
  • Indoor triple band dome mount ceiling antenna
  • Main 65dD gain high output 5 band main amplifier with easy adjust attenuator level dials + AC power supply
  • 10 point instruction sheet for easy direction on the set up, and free phone support from us
  • Power Supply included (120V)

Give us a call to go over exact installation setup and calibration to the local cell towers.


Price:$1500.00 (Custom order)


PRO-Grade-Kit # 50-3 Custom Wireless Cell Signal Amplifier System for all Rogers, Bell, Telus, or Freedom Mobile cellular frequencies across Canada and includes all voice and all 4G LTE Data.

Wireless High Output Cell Signal Amplifier System-Designed for easy installations with no cables, for cellular voice, text and 4G LTE data coverage-For residential or small commercial installations

NOTE: Specific custom unit, for ONLY all 5 frequency bands for ONE CELL CARRIER

Here are the units (2) measurements:

  • NETWORK UNIT: • 179 x 155 x 110mm • 540g (19oz)  Unit by the WINDOW to communicate  with tower

  • COVERAGE UNIT: • 160 x 164 x 79mm • 450g (16oz)  Unit for cell coverage DISTRIBUTION

Both units need the usual 120 Volt power receptacle near them.

The two-unit CUSTOM wireless system eliminates the requirements and restrictions associated with cabled connections of typical cell signal amplifier systems.

 All the unit specs are below, but basically the unit covers, ALL voice and text frequency bands for ONE CELLULAR CARRIER, as well as ALL 3 of the 4G LTE data frequency bands.

ALL 5 frequency bands, including the urban and rural 4G LTE frequencies

Specifications of this system:

Environmental • Operating temperature: 0° to 40°C • Storage temperature: -25° to 60°C • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%, noncondensing Power • 12 VDC via external supply (two included) • External supply: 100 to 240 VAC, 47 – 63Hz • Power consumption less than 25W per unit Physical Specification

Certifications & Compliance • CE • FCC Parts 15, 20, 22, 24, 27 • RoHS (six of six) / WEEE (2002/96/EC) • IC (Industry Canada) •

RF Specification P34-2/4/5/12 P34-1/3/7/8 P34-1/7/8/20 P34-1/3/5/28 P34-1/3/8/20 Certification FCC CE CE CE CE 1st Channel B12 B8 B8 B5 B8 Frequency (MHz) 729-746 & 699-716 925-960 & 880-915 925-960 & 880-915 869-894 & 824-849 925-960 & 880-915 Duplex Distance (MHz) 30 45 45 45 45 Maximum Relay Bandwidth (MHz) 10 15 15 15 15 Uplink Power (dBm) 22 22 20 20 20 Downlink Power EIRP (dBm) 16 16 16 16 16 Uplink Minimum Antenna Gain (dB) 2 2 2 2 2 2nd Channel B5 B3 B20 B3 B3 Frequency (MHz) 869-894 & 824-849 1805-1880 & 1710-1785 832-862 & 791-821 1805-1880 & 1710-1785 1805-1880 & 1710-1785 Duplex Distance (MHz) 45 95 41 95 95 Maximum Relay Bandwidth (MHz) 15 20 15 20 20 Uplink Power (dBm) 20 22 20 22 22 Downlink Power EIRP (dBm) 16 16 16 16 16 Uplink Minimum Antenna Gain (dB) 2 4 2 4 4 3rd Channel B2 B1 B1 B1 B1 Frequency (MHz) 1930-1990 & 1850-1910 2110-2170 & 1920-1980 2110-2170 & 1920-1980 2110-2170 & 1920-1980 2110-2170 & 1920-1980 Duplex Distance (MHz) 80 190 190 190 190 Maximum Relay Bandwidth (MHz) 20 20 20 20 20 Uplink Power (dBm) 22 22 22 22 22 Downlink Power EIRP (dBm) 16 16 16 16 16 Uplink Minimum Antenna Gain (dB) 4 4 4 4 4 4th Channel B4 B7 B7 B28 B20 Frequency (MHz) 2110-2155 & 1710-1755 2620-2690 & 2500-2570 2620-2690 & 2500-2570 758-788 & 703-733 832-862 & 791-821 Duplex Distance (MHz) 400 120 120 45 -41 Maximum Relay Bandwidth (MHz) 20 20 20 20 15 Uplink Power (dBm) 22 22 22 22 22 Downlink Power EIRP (dBm) 16 16 16 16 16 Uplink Minimum Antenna Gain (dB) 4 4 4 4 2

 Wireless Benefits • Clear and reliable voice connections within coverage area — up to 10,000 Sq. Ft. • Works on most cellular networks, globally. • The highest performance, fully-certified, wireless signal booster possible in the power class. • Enables the system to communicate with smart phones, improving the user experience and adding capability to the product. • Ensures maximum gain - best coverage - at all times, without user intervention. • Subscriber devices enjoy significant improvements in battery life. • Real-time adapting capability ensures the best possible user experience, in actual user environments, which are constantly changing, and have a variety of Wi-Fi types and cellular signals present. • Linearity virtually eliminates all IMD de-sense issues. • Maximizes signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio, provides better data rates without negatively impacting macro cells. • Allows for 30dB more gain than Safe Harbor I – which means more coverage, safely. • A high-performance, six core processor, provides the engine to the main amplifier blocks.

This is a special order custom system and there is No Return Policy for this system.


Now on Sale $995.00  

PRO-SMR-Kit #60
65 dB Iden/SMR Band Booster Kit for Telus Mike Band / Nextel phones (806-866 Mhz)

Powerful high gain system for indoor coverage for Telus Mike Band cell phones to cover an entire warehouse, business or home. Exact coverage depends on the signal level of the Iden/SMR band outside your building but you will have a large indoor signal increase with this system.

(Cottage Value#50-2 Telus Mike with 50dB repeater system also available on other page)

Included in our complete installation kit for do-it-yourself installs
65dB gain Iden/SMR band booster for Telus Mike Band and Nextel Phones

  • Power Supply included (120V)
  • 1-50ft length  LMR-400 low loss wire for repeater to outdoor antenna run
  • 1-50ft length  LMR-400 low loss wire for repeater to indoor antenna run
  • Yagi  Iden/SMR Band Outdoor directional antenna (+ mounting clamps for pole
  • Iden/SMR Band Indoor Antenna
  • Set up instructions
  • now includes an Antenna Mount for side of house or building

For more details on the 65 Iden/SMR Band Booster Kit


High Output Industrial Grade Linear Cell Amplifier Systems with High Gain and High Output Power for Large Area Indoor Cell Coverage and/or Multiple Indoor Antenna Branches

Introducing our new Industrial Grade Linear Repeater Systems that feature high levels of output power compared to standard retail grade repeaters (which are for small indoor areas). These high quality repeaters come in 68dB and 80dB gain versions and have a lot of output power for pushing the high RF cell signals down long cable runs and to feed multiple indoor antennas. They also are made for MANY multiple cell phone users in a commercial setting for voice and data.

As everyone knows, cell phone signals do not penetrate into and out from many commercial buildings. Metal and concrete will not let any cell signal pass through it at all, only windows will let a bit pass. Also, contrary to popular thought, the uplink signal from the cell phone is even MORE of a problem than the signal coming from the cell tower. Think of it this way, the cell tower is a 60 Watt monster, the weak cell phone is only approx. 0.5 Watts! So, the tower has a much higher chance of losing you than you losing the tower with a phone call. That’s why you can have 3 bars and still drop a call in an underground parking garage, because the cell phone is still measuring some cell signal coming in the parking garage door, but there is NO WAY that the weak cell phone signal can possibly make it back out the door (and ONLY if it’s open!) to the cell tower.

These high output repeater systems will amplify the cell phone signal into the building past the building materials, and even more important, amplify the weak 0.5 Watts uplink cell phone signal to either 12 or 15 Watts (depending on the which repeater system it is), bring it past the building materials, and throw it back at the tower in a concentrated signal cone which adds an additional 10dB gain and prevents loss of uplink cell signal in different directions as would happen with only the cell phone. The result is a reliable, strong, clear connection between the cell phone and the cell tower for voice and data.

The uplink (cell phone signal amplified to a high level and broadcast to the cell towers) and downlink (cell phone signal amplified to a high level and broadcast inside the building) are controlled separately with these repeater systems (adjusted with our set up support), which is the only way to do a perfect controlled set up with the local cell towers. The whole system design is professionally handled from our end also.

Only the best high quality double shielded RF cable is used with our repeater systems. With cell phone voice and data signals, the frequency is very high which results in large signal losses in the cable transfers compared to low frequency signal such as TV, etc. It is imperative with cell signals to use high quality, double-shielded cable to maintain voice and data quality.

Our directional multi-carrier band outdoor antennas used with these repeater systems also provide a 10dB gain increase OVER the repeater gain, and ensure a good quality, concentrated, uplink signal with the local cell towers for large area indoor coverage. With our customer support, we handle the aiming of the outdoor antenna as a complete solution for our systems.  For our indoor omni-directional antennas, only high quality multi-carrier antennas are used that will cover all the frequency bands needed. They have a range of 150ft-200ft from each indoor antenna for coverage area.

In our assessment, we will investigate your building materials (roof especially) to ensure that NO FEEDBACK signals occur between the outdoor and indoor antennas, which can cause the repeater to be turned down to a low level if the set-up is done by an inexperienced installer. We will ensure that you get the maximum coverage area possible from your commercial grade repeater system.

These high grade repeaters also have software that will shut down the unit if the amp blocks are overdriven by a new cell tower, etc. to prevent any damage to the system. With our support, we will handle any gain adjustments and easily get your system running again.  All our commercial grade repeaters have a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and a very high reliability record with all of our many systems operating for many years and still operating.

These systems are used for many commercial buildings with metal walls and roofs (most commercial buildings have metal, flat roofs), concrete underground parking garages, concrete buildings, office basements, office buildings, retail stores, government buildings, etc.
Indoor cell phone signal problems are very common due to building materials, but it’s actually quite an easy problem to solve with the right high output cell signal amplifier systems and professional set up, installation, and design advice!
Please feel free to contact us for an assessment for your building’s indoor cell coverage. We are here with the experience to help you!










PR0-GRADE #68-12 Industrial Grade System

68dB High Output Dual Band Booster System

Our Premium High Power 12 Watts High Output Included in our complete installation kit for do-it-yourself installs with a high gain 68dB gain PCS and Cell band booster for all Canadian carriers.

  • Power Supply included (120V)
  • 100ft length ultra low loss cable for repeater to outdoor antenna run
  • 50ft length ultra low loss cable for repeater to indoor antenna run
  • now includes an Antenna Mount for side of house or building

For Information and Pricing on the PRO-SMR 68db Cell Booster System


Sale Price:$2900.00

PR0-GRADE#70-12 Commerical Grade Class System

Commercial Grade Class, 5-Band 4G-LTE data capable Small Commercial Cell Signal Amplifier System.

Very high output system for ALL Canadian cell carriers and ALL voice, text and 4G LTE data frequencies with automatic attenuators for gain control. This system AUTOMATICALLY adjusts itself to the local cell towers, and is a high output system as allowed under Industry Canada rules. Much more powerful than systems allowed for the USA under the new FCC rules.

This system has a very high gain of 70db gain on ALL 5 frequency bands, a very high 20 dBm output power for a total of 12 Watts uplink power to throw your cell signal (from your weak 0.5 watt cell phone device) back to your local carrier's tower and to provide 12 Watts of cell signal amplified into your building from the cell tower. 

This repeater is very sophisticated and has alarms to indicate if there is any feedback occurring between the inside and outside antenna and has AUTOMATIC gain adjustors on both bands to allow this repeater system to be used in any cell signal environment ranging from weak rural area outdoor cell signals to a building in an urban area. This repeater has an LED display that indicates to the user the automatic gain adjustment levels. It will automatically adjust itself to protect the cell tower carrier network from RF noise that can cause carrier interference, as per the requirement by Industry Canada.

If any additional support is required for setting this system up, we will be happy to go over your exact building installation and determine the location of your local cell towers and make the appropriate system design plan for this powerful repeater system.

  • New 70db gain repeater for the uplink and downlink on all 5 bands with high output power and 4G LTE capacity

  • High output power

  • AC power supply

  • Outdoor 5 band directional antenna to throw the amplified uplink signals at the tower and gather the downlink signals for the repeater

  • 75 feet of ultra-low loss shielded cable to bring the high frequency signals back to the repeater from the yagi antenna with very little loss and to give lots of height and distance to keep the outdoor and indoor antennas apart to prevent feedback signals

  • 60 feet of ultra-low loss shielded cable to indoor antenna

  • Indoor antenna to distribute indoor cellular voice and 4G LTE data

  • Gas Tube Lightning Protector is included with system

  • Electrical tape to seal outdoor cable connection to outdoor antenna from water

  • Instructions for easy set up, and system design support included in cost

  • Any phone support you need for your system design and outdoor antenna aiming at the correct local cell tower location

All our cables are already terminated for immediate set up.

Note: This is a high output commercial grade repeater kit! This system will detect overpowering from a cell tower being too close, and calibrate the system appropriately, as per Industry Canada rules.


Sale Price:$2900.00

PR0-GRADE#80-15 HO Industrial Grade System

Our NEW, Extremely Powerful Premium High Power 15 Watts high output industrial grade system.  For large Industrial building systems with multiple indoor antennas for vast indoor coverage areas, multiple indoor branches, and very long shielded cable runs.

Has large amount of output power to push cell signals through buildings with longer shielded cable runs, "broken up" areas with metal and concrete interior/exterior walls, and more than one indoor antenna for large indoor areas distribution. Can also be used in weaker outside cell signal areas for incredible amounts of uplink power to the distant cell towers. Priced very low for this high quality and very high gain, high output power linear low noise amplifier.

80dB Both Ways (Uplink/Downlink) Dual Band HO Cell Band Booster Kit

Our Premium Very High Power 15 Watts Cell Phone Signal Booster System. Included with the cost of the kit is our support to help you design and build your system with a high gain 80dB gain PCS and Cell band booster for all Canadian carriers. (except Telus Mike and Wind Mobile). Full support to build, calibrate and power up your system

  • Power Supply included (120V)
  • 100ft length ultra low loss cable for repeater to outdoor antenna run
  • 50ft length ultra low loss cable for repeater to indoor antenna run
  • now includes an Antenna Mount for side of house or building

For Information on the Pro-Grade 80-15 HO Dual Band 80db Cell Booster System



PR0-GRADE#80-20 Industrial Grade, High Quality Linear, Low Noise,High Capacity, 5 Band LTE Cell signal Amplifier System for LARGE Indoor coverage Areas with Many indoor antennas on one building. 

For ALL Canadian Cell Carrier frequency bands, All LTE bands and also the new 700Mhz frequency blocks for 4G LTE.  Will also cover the frequency blocks for Wind Mobile and Mobilicity.

The ONLY option to cover the 850Mhz, 1900Mhz and the 2100Mhz frequency bands for large Industrial buildings with a heavy amount of indoor cell coverage

New! Incredible 5 Band Industrial Grade 80dB High Output Dual Band System with 15 Watts total output total for large building indoor area coverage and multiple indoor antenna branches and long indoor shielded cable runs to prevent cable losses of signal! For ALL Canadian Cell Carriers including Rogers, Bell, Telus, Sasktel, MTS, Aliant, Northern Tel, Telebec, T Bay Tel, Dryden Mobility, ALL regional carriers in Canada, Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, Urban Rogers LTE, Urban Bell LTE, Urban Telus LTE and even includes the 700Mhz A + B band for any future band expansion of the main Canadian cell carriers for data! Also includes all the discount carrier providers such as Kudoo, Virgin, Solo, Fido, etc.

All 5 frequency bands have attenuator adjustments for EACH uplink and downlink,  so each can be calibrated exactly to your building and local cell carrier’s towers.  Very professional grade repeater system for commercial buildings and it comes with our system design experience for your building set up! This HO repeater has a total of 10 Amp blocks and 10 attenuator adjustments for each!

For Information on the Pro-Grade 80-20 80dB System






ANTENNA MOUNT for all Industrial Grade Systems for the outdoor antenna.
For the side of your building you can make your own antenna mount pole from Home Depot or Rona parts or you can buy our ready made mount