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High Output Industrial Grade 80-15 System.                   

Our NEW, Extremely Powerful Premium High Power 15 Watts high output industrial grade system.

For large Industrial building systems with multiple indoor antennas for vast indoor coverage areas, multiple indoor branches, and very long shielded cable runs.

Has large amount of output power to push cell signals through buildings with longer shielded cable runs, "broken up" areas with metal and concrete interior/exterior walls, and more than one indoor antenna for large indoor areas distribution. Can also be used in weaker outside cell signal areas for incredible amounts of uplink power to the distant cell towers. Priced very low for this high quality and very high gain, high output power linear low noise amplifier.  The MOST powerful high output power repeater kit available that can be set up by the average person with our system design and start up calibration support. This linear high quality low noise repeater is comparable to carrier grade repeaters and is used in many commercial and government applications across Canada.


  • Very high gain (dB) and Very high output power (dBm) both for the uplink and downlink.

  • A total of 15 Watts total output power for the uplink (throw to the local cell carrier's towers)

  • 15 Watts total for the downlink (for coverage push in the building and extra branches) with a very high 80dB gain for both the 850Mhz and 1900Mhz bands.

  • Each band uplink/downlink can be controlled separately for exact calibration to the local towers (to prevent any noise attacks on the carrier towers which would cause them to come looking for the source of the problem and shut you down under the Industry Canada laws) and each indoor antenna.

  • Start up support on the phone included in the system price, you will cover any Rogers Wireless cell signals, any Bell Mobility cell signals, and any regular Telus cell signals in Canada. (Not Telus Mike or Wind Mobile-we have other systems for these)

Complete with multi-level attenuator adjustment switches for the uplink/downlink on both bands (the only way to do a maximum perfect repeater system set up) (REQUIRES our professional phone support for proper adjustment on start up which is provided by us at no extra cost with the purchase of this kit) and amp block overdrive warning lights so you can maximize the uplink/downlink signals for both bands with this repeater kit to get the high gain/output power/signal compression power for LARGE indoor coverage areas with the maximum downlink possible without overdriving the amp blocks, and reduce the uplink if you are using this repeater for commercial buildings in urban areas to prevent a "noise" attack on the carrier's local towers if you are very close to them.

Custom shielded cable lengths are available for this kit as well as 2 to 4 way splitters with oscillation protection, lightning protectors and multiple indoor antennas for whatever your building cell coverage requires.

Power Supply included (120V)

  • 100ft length ultra low loss cable for repeater to outdoor antenna run

  • 50ft length ultra low loss cable for repeater to indoor antenna run now includes an Antenna Mount for side of house or building

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