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Pro Dual 50-1


Price: $900.00 Sale Complete Sytem
Designed to cover the major carrier band in Canada.  NOT for Telus Mike Phones or the Wind Mobile carrier.  Ideal high output system to cover one floor of your house, basement, barn, workshop, warehouse or commercial building. Exact coverage depends on signal outside, but if there is adequate signal to use your cell phone outside, then you will have a lot of coverage inside your building. Can be split for one (1) extra indoor antenna if you wish to.

  • 55dB gain (on both bands) High Output Dual Band Booster Kit for all Rogers cell signals, all Bell cell Signals, all regular Telus cell signals, all MTS cell signals, all Sasktel cell signals, all Aliant cell signals and all rural Canadian regional carrier's cell signals.

  • 7 Watt Total Output System

Included in our complete installation kit for do-it-yourself installs with a high gain 55dB gain PCS and Cell band booster for all Canadian carriers.

  • Power Supply included (120V)

  • 1-50ft length LMR-400 ultra low loss cable for repeater to outdoor antenna run

  • 1-50ft length LMR-400 ultra low loss cable for repeater to indoor antenna run

  • Also can be substituted: 75/30 split, 100/10 split for shielded cables for your install

  • Dual Band Outdoor directional antenna (antenna mount and clamps for pole)

  • Dual Band Indoor Ceiling Mount Antenna

  • Set up instructions​

Our phone assessment regarding your location, type of building and local cell phone tower is strongly recommended for the design of your system. This is included with system purchase and for all our customers.

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