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Mobile Kit

Mobile Dual Band Amplifier Plug-and-Play Kit

  • 1 Watts total uplink/downlink

  • Works on all CDMA, GSM , 2G, 3G, 4G, etc.

  • Powerful 1 watts maximum power uplink/downlink to/from tower

  • Power control logic protects against feedback

Industry Canada approved-brings cell signal back to the car phone uplink levels of the 90's with the high 3 watts uplink power which is critical to get your cell signals back to the local tower (present day cell phones are only 0.5 Watts approx. and the uplink is the main problem as the local tower is approx. 60 Watts for the downlink)
Great for mobile vehicles in rural areas


  • Everything you need-outdoor magnetic mount antenna, repeater, phone cradle, cigarette lighter plug in for power-leave phone in cradle and use bluetooth or visor speakerphone

  • Dual Band for all cell phones and internet sticks (except Telus Mike & Wind Mobile)

  • Works with all rural Canadian Rogers, Bell and Telus Signals (No Telus Mike or Wind Mobile)

  • Cigarette lighter plug in for car comes with kit

  • Up to 10 times more power than your cell phone or laptop data card

  • Significantly improves voice and data signal quality

  • Increases data communication rates needed for 3G technologies

  • Receives and transmits with much more power than your cell phone

  • Extends cell phone battery life-better for health as cell phone is not operating at maximum output power uplink right against your head as it would be in rural areas-the repeater causes the cell phone to turn the gain down as it's doing all the heavy lifting

  • Works great in mobile and marine applications-can be used for cottages, but not nearly as powerful as the 7, 8 and 10 Watt cottage value kits with yagi directional antennas

  • Easy to install and use, simple set up, and it's inexpensive for a repeater system

  • Option to add a AC power supply to the kit for $30.00 CAD extra for cottage use

  • Option to add a patch antenna if you want to broadcast in the car for $30.00 CAD

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