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High Grade, High Gain, and High Output Power for a Low Price for Cell Signal Amplifier Systems!!


Low cost cell signal amplifier systems for Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility, MTS, T-Bay Tel and Sasktel in Canada. These systems will cover one indoor room or office in a building.

High Gain and High Output systems for all voice, text, and 3G data. All voice and 3G frequency bands for Rogers, Bell, Telus, MTS, Sasktel, some regional cell carriers, and discount carriers related to the main cell carriers (Fido, Virgin, Kudo, etc.) are covered by this cost effective system.

(Not for 4G LTE data frequency bands or Wind Mobile frequencies, as these are low cost systems, and LTE in Canada would require a 5 frequency band amplifier, at a much higher cost, as there are now 3 LTE frequency bands for 4G data in Canada)

All these systems are a high 60dB gain and 20dBm output power. They are high output for a low cost in this technical field! Generally, most retail grade repeater systems are decent gain, but VERY low output power. Other low cost systems are about 1 to 3 dBm output power with a higher price. Check the specs on any other low cost units. Usually when these systems are very low power, the company will advertise the gain, but not the output power!! Both are important for a good system!

Also, it’s important in a small cell signal amplifier system, to use ONLY directional antennas to direct the outdoor signal AWAY from the indoor signal, or feedback will occur with a system and the main amplifier can be damaged or burnt out, RF noise will occur on the local cell towers and cause the cell carriers to show up at your location, AND you will not be able to achieve the maximum output possible for your system. Omni-directional antennas should NEVER be used for a non-professional small scale repeater set up, and our low cost system ONLY uses high gain directional antennas to isolate the 2 ends of signal with our system!

We were trying to create a low cost system that is affordable, but still have a high gain, high output power, and a good quality system with low RF noise that won't cause any problems for the cell carriers or the user. We tested MANY systems to find the best ones. This system was found to have a VERY clean RF uplink/downlink output to the cell towers, no internal oscillation, high gain and high output power for good customer satisfaction!

All our systems are tested and checked on a Network and Spectrum Analyzer before shipping to your location. Our instructions help you with the complete set up, so you don't cause any feedback between the 2 ends of the system. We are here to help you with any set up support you need also. We specialize in our phone support!

These systems require at least 1 bars of useable cell signal outside for use at your location. You should expect one room cell coverage of good indoor cell signal. You will most likely get a bit more coverage, but your expectations should be one room for sure.

EVERY system is checked at our location on a spectrum and network analyzer to ensure that these repeater systems meet the RF noise emission requirements and non-oscillation requirements as per the cell carriers.

The outdoor antenna needs to be placed on the side of your building towards the local cell tower. The cell tower locator map for Canada, can be accessed at:


You need to aim the system at the correct carrier’s local cell tower for good system communication. We provide phone support for this if you have any problems with the outdoor antenna aiming at the cell towers.

10 point detailed instruction sheets are sent out with each system for your easy set up, and any phone or email support you need is available from us.

This system comes with:


Price:  $350.00   CONTACT US 

Outdoor Wall or Roof Mount for outdoor antenna is included (or you can use your own mount pole for the outdoor antenna mounting)

Expedited Postal Shipping (most of Canada is $38.00 CAD) and HST/GST is extra


Please note: These are low cost systems for one room indoor coverage for a good price. For large area indoor coverage for whole buildings or large indoor areas, you need the more powerful Industrial Grade Systems and our support to design them for your building and indoor coverage expectations, so they don't cause interference on the cell carrier network, which can violate Industry Canada rules. We try to very responsible with the cell carrier’s networks, as they do own the cell phone frequencies