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What our customers are saying.....

Les Kovacs from Brampton, Ontario with the CV#50-3 High Output residential system (installed).
5 bars and smiling...thanks very much.  I will not hesitate to give your company a recommendation.
Mike from Ghost Pine Lake, Alberta with the HO Cottage Kit#50-3 Dual  
Band 8 Watts  
I installed the system on the weekend.  A one-eyed monkey with a  
hangover could set one of these systems up!   Real easy to do.   
Excellent instructions.
The system works like a charm.  We have gone from one bar or no bar  
reception to a consist 5 bars.   My internet card stay locked on to  
the tower for 36 hours straight without dropping.  All round  a superb  
product and great service on you part.
Mike Chernichen L.L.B.
Manager, Corporate Security
Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Bill,  Construction Manager, cor WorleyParsons, Edmonton Alberta ... received 50-3 over the holidays.  Very happy with the results.  Fast delivery, good product and customer service.  Thank You.

Duston,  IT Services
Large Retail Store Area-Fredericton Co-Op Stores-Fredericton, New Brunswick-with Pro-Grade #50-1-PCS-CELL Commercial Repeater Kit

....got everything installed. and it's working super! it's going further then I even thought it would. people are saying they have signal where I don't even know how it could reach. thanks again!
Ya, sure you can use me as a reference for people in my area.

Hi, It's Duston here from the Co-op in NB. I have to tell you, I have had so much good feed back on that cell booster it's crazy! Now I'm starting to get people that want to know where I bought it, how much it costed and seem to be interested in buying it. Some people are asking for it. Thanks!

Bill and Sharon - Alberta
Very impressed, get five bars in every room.

Dr. Darrell -Toronto, Ontario-with Wireless Extender 800 - 1900Mhz Band Kit
Works great...thanks for your good service!

Dave - Taber, Alberta-with Wireless Extender 800 - 1900 Mhz Band Kit
Hi. I got my kit last week but just had a chance to install it today. The installation was quite easy as I installed it near our satellite dish and ran the cables into the house through the same hole as the satellite cables. Installation was a breeze and I have a full 5 bars of service in my office in the basement, and enough service to make phone calls from anywhere in the house.
Thank you so much for your help. I am going to do a post to my video podcast on the experience in the next few days too, I'll send you a link if you are interested.
I will be sure to recommend you and your company to anyone in Taber who needs this type of equipment.

Lindsay - Surrey, BC-with Cottage Value Kit #50-1
Yes yes; that is one fine piece of equipment. My mother and father are the envy of the lake. Works perfect, and is clear as a bell. Thanks again for
all your help, your tower location map was a great help also. Well done.

Dale - Large Rural Cottage in French River, Ontario-with Pro-Grade Kit #60-10 with new twin 65 dB high output repeaters (CELL Band & PCS Band)-Maximum package-Top System-10 Watts Output
The system has been installed and works great!!! We even have the internet by using our BlackBerry tethered to the computer. I will record our signal strength on both frequencies and report same to you.
Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

Mitch - near Water Valley, Alberta with Pro-Grade Kit#60-3 (powerful 65dB CELL band repeater) for rural house and using iPhone tethering for high speed internet access
It seems that I now have 3G network availability from the Rogers tower
and my data transfer rates have gone from 5kb/sec to 200 - 300kb/sec.
The booster is working great on both the Telus and Rogers network.

Gerard - Val Des Monts, Quebec-with Cottage Value Kit#50-1 (50dB dual band repeater) and also purchased powerful 65dB CELL band repeater (from Cottage Value Kit #60-3)
I am very please with the (Cottage Value 50dB dual band) booster kit, it works great with Roger wireless stick! A very big improvement, now no more dropped calls with a download speed of 3.07 Mb/s and upload speed 1.18 Mb/s Awesome!! Would like to know if adding a stronger booster with more watts will it help getting a better signal? Thank You. Gerard

.....just to give you feed back on Wilson wireless amplifier, my best set up is the 50 dB dual band amplifier and it works very good. The 65 dB amplifier works good but there is lot of dropped calls probably because there is too much watt or stronger signal, my outside and inside antenna are all permanent and canít be moved away from each other. The install looks good. Will keep the 65 dB amplifier for a spare or sell it to someone on my lake that needs a stronger signal. Thank you for all your help and good service, take care and have a great week.

Cottage System #50-3
I had the pleasure of putting up the antenna on the roof of my cottage, Saturday morning in -20 degrees! The good news is that the system works like a charm, 5 bars inside the living room and my internet hub is so fast now. Iím extremely pleased with the product and the simple installation. Thank you very much, I will tell everyone on the lake!    - Pat Patrick Dubť, P.Eng Greystone Project Management Inc

Just a quick note to let you know I finally got a chance yesterday to install the booster kit and everything seems to work properly for my location! I haven't played with the antenna angle yet but haven't had a need to! Hopefully things work like this throughout all the seasons and weather conditions.
Thanks again,
-  Ross Nairn  Credit Road in Caledon East for rural Rogers internet hub reliability

I was out to the cottage yesterday and followed your instructions. The booster is working awesome. 4 bars in the living room. Thatís better than my house in Fredericton. My wife Mary Ellen will really love it next summer. Thanks for a great product!   - Paul Breneol, DET, BBA Financial Project Consultant Department of Social Development

Install went well today and everything is working well. Got a strong signal throughout the house! Finally!!!! 😃 I did have a question about the warranty for what I just had installed as we spoke about everything but that. Therefore, what kind of warranty does this product come with? Thanks for everything.  -  Shae Hirche South Cooking Lake, Alberta

In Oct 2016 we purchased a cottage in Nova Scotia that basically had not cell service ( If I stood in one spot and held the cell phone a certain way I might get a plain text email, but no calls). I search the websites and found magic wireless. I spoke to the staff there before my order and we worked out what we need to cell coverage. Since I had no service at all( no bars), I new that I might have to upgrade from the basic unit. They recommended cottage kit #50, and I spoke with them before the install. The kit was easy to install, and I place it on top of a 30 ft tall wood flag pole style that I cut down at the cottage. The install was easier than I thought it would be and the kit contained everything that I needed for the install. I plug the unit in the wall and my cell phone went straight to 5 bars, and clear reception, in fact the neighbouring cottage is now receiving good cellular as well. Thanks to wireless for all the help in sorting out what I needed. It works great.      - Dave and Mary Matthews in Beaverbank, NS with the high output rural area Cottage System #50-3


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