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$4500.00 CAD for the entire system
Industrial Grade Class, VERY POWERFUL, 5-Band 4G-LTE data capable Residential, Commercial or Rural Cottage Cell Signal Amplifier System.  VERY POWERFUL high output system for ALL Canadian cell carriers and ALL voice, text and 4G LTE data frequencies with automatic attenuators for gain control. This is a high output system as allowed under Industry Canada rules. Much more powerful than systems allowed for the USA under the new FCC rules.

This system has a very high gain of 80dB gain on ALL 5 frequency bands, a VERY HIGH 27 dBm output power for a total of 15 Watts uplink power to throw your cell signal (from your weak 0.5 watt cell phone device) back to your local carrier's tower and to provide 15 Watts of cell signal amplified into your building from the cell tower. 

This repeater is very sophisticated and has alarms to indicate if there is any feedback occurring between the inside and outside antenna and has gain adjustors on both bands to allow this repeater system to be used in any cell signal environment ranging from very weak rural cell signals to a building in an urban area. This repeater has alarms that indicates to the user proper gain adjustment levels. We will provide phone support for you to adjust this system properly, to protect the cell tower carrier network from RF noise that can cause carrier interference.
This system has ample amount of output power, to handle LONG shielded cable runs to the outdoor antenna, which is ideal for tower installations.

This is an INDUSTRIAL CLASS MAIN AMPLIFIER, which far exceeds the power output limits of retail grade repeater systems, and requires our input to help you with this system design, as per Industry Canada rules and regulations.

  • New 80db gain repeater for the uplink and downlink on all 5 bands with high output power

  • AC power supply

  • Outdoor 5 band directional antenna to throw the amplified uplink signals at the tower and gather the downlink signals for the repeater(Should be mounted as high as possible outside)

  • 50, 75, or 100 feet of ultra-low loss shielded cable to bring the high frequency signals back to the repeater from the yagi outdoor antenna with very little loss and to give lots of height and distance to keep the outdoor and indoor antennas apart to prevent feedback signals

  • 30 feet of ultra-low loss shielded cable to indoor antenna

  • Indoor directional wall mount panel antenna to distribute signals and prevent feedback signals from outdoor antenna (Should be mounted facing the opposite direction than the outdoor antenna)

  • Outdoor Antenna Wall or Roof Mount pole with mounting screws and plugs, or tower clamps if required

  • Electrical tape to seal outdoor cable connection to outdoor antenna to keep water out

  • Instructions for easy set up

  • Any phone support you need for your system design and outdoor antenna aiming at the correct local cell tower location

  • This system also comes with a gas tube lightning protector for safety.

All our cables are already terminated for immediate set up.
Note: This is a high output INDUSTRIAL GRADE repeater system! Please always aim the outdoor directional antenna away from indoor directional antenna to prevent feedback with the high output from either end. Both ends have high output amplified signals and need to be pointed AWAY from each other and have some distance.  This system will detect overpowering from a cell tower being too close.


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