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Cottage Kit60

Cottage Kits

Residential and Cottage LTE System 60-1
High Output 5 Band Cell Signal Amplifier System
with LTE capacity for cellular voice and 4G data coverage for rural and urban area indoor cell signal reliability
Cost is $1800.00 CAD

For ALL Canadian Cell Carrier’s voice, text, 3G data, and the new 4G LTE frequencies! This system also covers the NEW rural LTE frequency blocks in the 700Mhz band, for Rogers, Bell, Telus, Sasktel and MTS, as well as the very high data speed urban LTE 2100Mhz frequency band, and Freedom Mobile.  For residential/cottage systems with 8 Watts total output power for your uplink and downlink, for open indoor area coverage (for multiple large indoor areas, use the Industrial Grade Systems)


  • 65dB gain and a HIGH 24dBm output power on the 700Mhz rural LTE A + B data frequencies

  • 850Mhz voice and 3G data frequency, 1900Mhz voice and 3G data frequency

  • very fast urban data 2100Mhz 4G LTE frequency

  • provides 8 Watts output of coverage for ALL the Canadian Cell Carriers voice and 4G LTE data including, Rogers, Bell, Telus, ALL the discount carriers (Solo, Kudoo, Virgin, Fido, etc.), ALL Freedom Mobile voice and 4G LTE data, as well as all voice, text, 3G, and 4G LTE capacity for all the regional carriers such as Sasktel, MTS, Aliant, TBay Tel, Videotron, etc.

The whole system is ready to be set up with pre-terminated cable connectors, so it just needs to be hooked together for easy installation. (Please allow us to assess your installation on the phone when you call). We will also assist you with the calibration of the main amplifier attenuators to the local cell tower sites. For outdoor antenna aiming to obtain the best communication with the local cell tower, please call us for our phone support. This system design is set up to prevent feedback with a higher output amplifier.  This system includes:

  • An Outdoor Yagi directional 5 band antenna

  • Outdoor wall or roof mount for outdoor antenna

  • Sealing tape for cable connections

  • Screws and plugs set for outdoor antenna mounting to your wall

  • 50ft of shielded cable from the main repeater to the outdoor antenna

  • 10ft of shielded cable from the main repeater to the indoor wall mount antenna

  • Indoor 5 Band Directional Wall Mount Panel Antenna

  • Main 65dB gain, 24dBm high output power 5 band main amplifier with easy adjust attenuator level dials + DC power supply (from 120 Volts AC)

  • 10 point instruction sheet for easy direction on the set up, and free phone support from us

Give us a call to go over exact installation setup and calibration to the local cell towers.

This system is ONLY approved for use in Canada under Industry Canada rules, which allow a much higher output level for this type of equipment than in the USA.
The system’s main amplifier is MUCH more powerful than what is allowed under the new FCC rules for the USA. This amplifier has an output power of 24 dBm. Most retail amplifiers approved for use in the USA are approximately 1 dBm to 3 dBm.

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