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Cottage Kit50

Cottage Kits

HIGH POWERED DUAL BAND 55db gain Cottage Value Kit #50-3
NEW KIT ! Best Value Low Price for what is included !
Now on Sale for $795.00 CAD

Everything you need in this high output repeater kit for your own installation! Our most sold kit in rural areas for cell service as well as rural high speed internet. The Rogers Rocket hub, Bell Turbo hub, Rogers and Bell HSPA internet sticks, Telus aircard, etc. have a heavy 3G data signal for their uplink and downlink that require a strong cell signal compared to voice or text.

New Powerful Superior 7 WATT dual band complete repeater system!  55dB gain on both bands for uplink and downlink signals!

Recommended high end repeater kit for weak rural cell and data signal solutions at cottages/rural houses for Rogers, Bell and Telus cell and data signals.  Also works well for all cell and data signals for Canadian regional carriers such as Aliant, Sasktel, MTS, TBay Tel, all carriers in the territories, etc.   

Best compromise between price and high output power for a professional grade powerful dual band repeater kit to deal with bad outside cell signals in rural areas.  The carrier's tower has approx. 60 Watts, your cell phone or internet stick has only approx. a very weak 0.5 Watts which is really not intended for rural areas, so the main issue is to throw your uplink signals RIGHT AT the tower with a high powered repeater system. The main problem is NOT the signals coming from the towers. A weak repeater and omni antennas will not do the job you require.  High Powered 8 WATT total output kit on the 850Mhz band and on the 1900Mhz band for both bands. You get everything you need for the set up including:

  • New 55dB gain repeater for the uplink and downlink on both bands with high output power

  • AC power supply

  • Outdoor dual band directional antenna to throw the amplified uplink signals at the tower and gather the downlink signals for the repeater  (Should be mounted as high as possible outside)

  • 50ft of ultra low loss shielded cable to bring the high frequency signals back to the repeater from the yagi antenna with very little loss and to give lots of height and distance to keep the outdoor and indoor antennas apart to prevent feedback signals

  • 10ft of ultra low loss shielded cable to indoor antenna

  • Indoor directional wall mount panel antenna to distribute signals  (Should be mounted facing the opposite direction than the outdoor antenna)

  • Outdoor Antenna Wall or Roof Mount pole with mounting screws and plugs

  • Electrical tape to seal one hole in wall for cable and mainly to seal outdoor cable connection to outdoor antenna to keep water out

  • Basic instruction sheet as well as repeater instructions for easy set up

  • Any phone support you need

Note:  Cottage kits can be used in urban or suburban areas for commercial building use to cover large inside areas or for residential urban whole house coverage.

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