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Cottage Kit 40

Cottage Kits

Dual Band 7 Watts Total Output  $675.00 CAD   

Our Economical High Output dual band 8 Watt System similar to the Cottage Kit#50-3.

  • This budget high output kit consists of a 55dB gain repeater with 25+dBm of Output Power both ways

  • The outdoor directional dual band antenna

  • 50ft ultra low loss shielded cable from the outdoor antenna to the main repeater unit

  • AC power supply

  • Cable adapter (to the thick shielded ultra low loss cable required with these high frequencies to prevent loss)

  • You still get the important parts of the kit for weak cell signal rural areas

  • Low Cost Small stick indoor dual band antenna, similar to the low cost dual band kit

NOTE: The low cost indoor antenna in this kit, has approximately a maximum of 30ft radius of signal.

If you require more coverage, we would recommend the #50-3 kit with the professional grade indoor antennas for maximum range.   In rural areas, the 60 Watt tower is not the problem!   t's your 0.5 Watt cell phone's uplink (from your internet stick or internet hub), which is usually the main issue.  Also, building enclosures and confined-closed areas that the uplink has trouble penetrating.  The cell phones are usually broadcasting at an already weak 0.5 Watt signal in EVERY direction.  Therefore, this weak signal output is barely making it back to the cell tower.  This kit provides a basic high output repeater system for weak outside cell signals!  Ideal for one room reception, in offices, open shops, basements or living rooms.

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