Magicwireless is a division of P.G. Electronics (2008) Ltd, and has providing indoor cellular signal solutions SINCE 2008.   We are located in Schomberg, Ontario, in Southern Ontario near Toronto, and specialize in Commercial Grade Cellular Repeater System Solutions, for poor indoor cellular coverage issues
Please feel free to call us, email or fill-out the form below.  Our Toll free number is 1 (888) 939-8652 or our local phone numbers are (416)741-7682 or (905) 939-8652. Our contact email address is  

We can determine which specific system you require and give you a COMPLETE assessment of your building location, with system requirements and design. We will determine your building’s material, building layout, area terrain, and location of local cell tower carrier sites. We also provide support, to repair cell signal amplifier systems from other distributors that don’t work properly. For a 100% solution in this specialized field for Canadian in-building cell phone signal enhancement systems, please feel free to contact us. **SITE LOCATION VISITS TO YOUR BUILDING ARE AVAILABLE AT NO COST FOR YOUR TECHNICAL SYSTEM PLANNING AND QUOTE**

We are a certified system installer organization. Installer teams are available in the Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario area, Greater Vancouver area, and the Calgary and Edmonton areas. We can provide certified installers in MOST other areas across Canada with travel costs. Feel free to ask us. We also have some commercial grade systems, that you can install at your site, with our design help.

ALL our Commercial Grade Systems on this website are ONLY approved for use in Canada under the 2018 Industry Canada regulations. These systems cannot be sold to the USA as they EXCEED the RF output power limits under the new FCC rules that have been put in place since 2014. Higher output Commercial and Industrial Grade systems are allowed for use in Canada, with proper system design and calibration to the local cell towers, to prevent RF noise on the carrier sites. We have commercial insurance and WSIB clearance certificates.

Click on this external site, to help locate cell tower coverage in your area.