NEW!!   High Output Professional Grade Repeaters

Now has manual attenuator adjustments to control the uplink and the downlink separately for EXACT adjustments to the local cell tower and your building to avoid a "noise attack" on the tower, prevention of overload and failure of your repeaters amp blocks, AND to maximize your indoor cell signal coverage to the greatest area possible. 

Our specialized field phone support set up is recommended when powering up this system and is included with system purchase!

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Now on Sale $995.00 CAD 

In-Building Wireless iDEN 65dB Amplifier

For iDEN frequencies
Automatic gain control up to 65 dB
Approximately 2 dB gain step 40-65 dB
Power control logic ensures maximum output power is within cellular network standards
Automatic shutdown on overload
Gain indicator lights
Oscillation detection and gain reduction with auto reset intervals
AC power supply included
FCC and IC type accepted


Frequency    806-821 MHz, 851-866 MHz
Gain             65 dB
Max Output Power up to +30 dBm / + 30 dBm
Max RF        +30 dBm / + 30 dBm
Noise Figure  3 dB nominal
Flatness        2.5 dB
Isolation        > 90 dB
Power Requirements 120 V AC 3 A max
Connectors N-Female 50 ohms
Dimensions     5.6 x 3.6 x 1.7(inches) 14.2 x 9. x 4.4 (cm)
Weight           1.5 lbs or 0.7 kg


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