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High Ouput Commercial Grade Quality 5 Band Cottage System

High Output Rural Area 5 Frequency Band Cell Signal Booster System for ALL 4G LTE frequencies for Rogers, Bell, Telus, Freedom Mobile and ALL Discount and Regional Canadian Cellular Carriers! Commercial Grade Quality for Voice Calls and Faster Rural Area 4G LTE data communication.
This is NOT the usual Consumer Grade Low Output 1-Watt Cell Signal Booster, as limited by the FCC for the USA. Industry Canada allows up to 3 Watts EiRP for our Consumer Grade Cell Signal Boosters used in Canada, which is 3 TIMES the output power of standard cell signal boosters. This is an Industry Canada APPROVED High Output Consumer Grade System, and allowed for use by Canadian Customers in Canada.
VERY HIGH 72 dB gain and HIGH OUTPUT POWER, and covers BOTH of the 700Mhz A + B Frequencies (4G LTE DATA FREQUENCIES), the 850 Mhz (VOICE AND 3G DATA) and 1900 Mhz (OVERFLOW VOICE AND 3G DATA) and 2100 Mhz 4G LTE frequencies (4G LTE FREQUENCY).
It will provide a high uplink power (signal throwback to the tower) and high downlink power (indoor coverage area) of 3 Watts output for ALL the Canadian Cell Carriers voice and 4G LTE data frequencies. Typical consumer grade systems ONLY have 1-Watt TOTAL Output power and this system has 3 WATTS TOTAL OUTPUT POWER!! It also includes a High Gain Directional Outdoor and Indoor Antenna, and ONLY High Quality Ultra Low Loss LMR-400 Shielded Cable (No Cheap High Loss TV cable used!) for an even higher output from the system. The whole system is ready to be set up with pre-terminated cables with a set up diagram, so it just needs to be hooked together for easy installation. Our phone call system support is included and recommended for this system, for this system to be set up properly in relation to your building layout, your local cell tower location support, system set up to prevent feedback oscillation support, calibration of the main amplifier to the local cell tower support, to achieve the maximum output power possible from your system.

This is not your typical cheap cell signal booster system, but as everyone knows, you pay for what you get, and this is our recommended system for Rural Area Cottages, Residential Houses, Small-Scale Commercial Buildings and Metal Buildings. We have been using this Grade of High Output systems since 2008, with ONLY good results!
Price: $1900.00 for the complete system with ALL parts required for your set up. The outdoor antenna wall mount is included also. System set up phone support is included and recommended.