Cell Phone Signal Boosters in Canada for Rogers, Bell, Telus, Sasktel and MTS.
High-Output Cell Phone Signal Booster Systems for your lack of indoor building area coverage.  Specializing in the design of High-Output and Industrial Grade Cell Signal Amplifier Systems.  Full Phone Assessments provided with recommendations for Commercial and Residential buildings.


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Magicwireless....Are you experiencing weak or no cell phone coverage in your home or office? Bring the signals in from the outdoors, create a "Cell Zone" where you need it.  End your problems with no coverage or dropped calls in your home or business! Magic Wireless carries cell phone signal amplifier systems in Canada that are perfect for commercial businesses and homes.


Stop running to the window or going outside to talk on your cell phone.


Decrease dropped or missed calls.


Improve the battery life of your phone.


Increase productivity.


Covers from one room up to 25000 sq feet, depending on outside signal strength and power output of the repeater.


Cell phone amplifier signal systems are ideal for houses, cottages, home offices, basement apartments, commercial warehouses, underground parking lots, large offices and commercial towers  - if you have a signal outside, these systems will work for you.


Signal booster extends Cell Zones, so you can use your cell phone, Blackberry, IPhone or USB Internet Stick with all the new applications which require a stronger signal, such as Email, Internet browsing, Text messaging, Interactive gaming, Hi-speed data and Instant messaging.


Drastically increases internet speed for the Rogers Rocket Stick, Bell Turbo Stick and the Telus Aircard.


Custom design for your location.

Specializing in the design of High-Output and Industrial Grade Cell Signal Amplifier Systems. Easy to install.  All prices are in Canadian dollars. We provide complete system packages and design, for your maximum satisfaction! These cellular signal booster systems are for Canadian cell phone providers. 

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To determine which specific system you require, for a COMPLETE assessment of your location, building material, area terrain and location of cell tower and indoor coverage area. 

For a 100% solution in this specialized field for Canadian cell phone signals.  We are a high quality cell phone signal booster system service provider. 

If required, we can provide installers in most areas across Canada.


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All the industrial grade systems and cottage systems on this website are only approved for use in Canada under the Industry Canada regulations.  These systems cannot be sold to the USA as they exceed the RF output limits under the new FCC rules.  Higher output systems are allowed for use in Canada.


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