Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Rogers, Bell, Telus, Sasktel and MTS in Canada.

Industrial Grade Cell Signal Amplifier Systems and DAS systems for ALL Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility, and Telus Mobility cell signals across Canada. We also can design systems for Sasktel, MTS, Wind Mobile, Videotron, and ALL other regional Canadian cell carriers.

High-Output Cell Phone Signal Booster Systems for your lack of indoor building area coverage.  Specializing in the design of High-Output and Industrial Grade Cell Signal Amplifier Systems.  Full Phone Assessments provided with recommendations for Commercial and Residential buildings.


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Stop running to the window or going outside to talk on your cell phone.

We ONLY sell and design HIGH OUTPUT cell signal amplifier systems for ALL Canadian cell phone signal carriers.

We specialize in Industrial Grade systems for LARGE area indoor/underground building coverage of cell signals.

Professional design to avoid system oscillation and feedback, and to prevent RF noise on cell tower carrier sites that can violate Industry Canada rules.

Our systems are ideal for houses, cottages, basement apartments, commercial warehouses, underground parking lots, large retail stores, large offices and commercial towers. If you have cell signal outside, these systems will work for your building indoor area.

We only use high output, high quality equipment and provide system design help for you to set up the system properly, OR we have installation services available

These are not your typical low output cell signal boosters, which are sold at some retail stores or on the internet by electronic distributors.

No cell signal amplifier system is plug and play, regardless of what some of the manufacturers tell you. Each system needs to be designed for the area, cell towers and building for proper expected indoor coverage, avoiding feedback between the system parts, preventing amplifier cell signal overload from the cell towers, preventing damage to the main amplifier, and also to prevent RF noise attacks on the local cell tower sites. We will ensure that your system is properly calibrated to the cell tower sites in the area and will protect the local cell carrier network, as required by Industry Canada rules.

Specializing in the design of High-Output and Industrial Grade Cell Signal Amplifier Systems. All our prices are in Canadian dollars.

VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Since March 2014, Canada and the USA have very different rules for cell signal amplifier systems. The FCC in the USA has reduced the output power allowed by cell signal amplifier systems to a very low level, as too many previous users that had been sold systems by electronics distributors (with no set up support) and were causing a lot of RF interference on the cell tower network. As a result, the FCC added very tough rules to this industry for the USA. Under Industry Canada rules, much higher output systems are still allowed to be used in Canada, with the condition that a certified installer does the installation or provides the support for the system design, as to not cause cell carrier network interference. We will provide this professional support for your high output installation.

To have a output power comparison for our systems, our Industrial Systems are 27dBm output power, our most sold cottage or residential system is 24dBm, and even our low cost system are 10dBm. Most of the systems sold for use in the USA, under the new FCC rules, are about 1 dBm output power. The output power is the most important specification for indoor coverage, as well as the system measured gain, but generally with low output systems, the output power (in dBm) will not be advertised, as itís such a low number. The total power is measured in Watts.

You cannot cover large area indoors, unless you are using an Industrial Grade System with high output power, and the system parts configuration is just as important as the high output system parts being used to make it work properly. This is where we provide complete design assistance and optional installation, with ALL the proper parts required for a high output system

Contact Us or email  for a complete assessment for your solution. 

To determine which specific system you require, for a COMPLETE assessment of your location, building material, area terrain and location of cell tower and indoor coverage area. 

We also provide phone support, to repair cell signal amplifier systems bought from other distributors that donít work properly. Call us if you need phone support for this. There are charges for any parts required to repair your system.

For a 100% solution in this specialized field for Canadian cell phone signals.  We are a high quality cell phone signal booster system service provider. 

If required, we can provide installers in most areas across Canada.


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All the industrial grade systems and cottage systems on this website are only approved for use in Canada under the Industry Canada regulations.  These systems cannot be sold to the USA as they exceed the RF output limits under the new FCC rules.  Higher output systems are allowed for use in Canada.


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